Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIP Wednesday

Not had a very pleasant time since I last posted. We've all been enjoying (!) a sickness bug. Started off Friday with Ava and DP. They seemed to be getting better on Saturday so we went out to do a bit of shopping and get some Summer plants for the garden. Ava and Eli were sick over their car seats. Later that evening I started being ill and was up most of the night. Poor DP was up as well sorting out the bigger two who started being sick too.

Sunday was completely written off, I spent the day barely conscious in bed, DP and the children stayed in the lounge and watched Cbeebies/dozed.

Monday we were no longer being ill but feeling pretty weak from not eating. We stayed at home and didn't really do anything. I finally finished off the moss stitch edging on my Romantika

Tuesday we had a gentle walk and have taken things quite easy. I got a little bit of knitting done on the first sleeve. I've managed about 7 inches but there is another 10 inches to go and then the edging, and of course then the second sleeve and the collar. It's growing slowly and I'm getting a bit bored with the grey yarn if I'm honest!

Romantika WIP

Today the plan is to have another lazy day. The weather isn't brilliant. We'll probably go to the local Toddler group to be sociable and then come home and all have an afternoon nap. Perhaps do some baking, or maybe watch a DVD together. Gentle things.

I'm considering casting on another project. I don't like having more than one WIP at a time because I find they all grow slowly and I get bored of them quicker. Plus I feel guilty about not finishing the first one before starting the next. But I am getting tired of the grey yarn. I want some bright colours that change as I knit along the row. I want something other than reverse stockinette which just doesn't flow as well as normal stockinette. *sigh*

I'm also finding myself gazing at various pretty yarns for sale and considering buying them. Never mind that I've got plenty of yarns in my stash already,  several projects lined up that I want to knit and no extra knitting time in the near future. I guess buying pretty yarn is instant gratification whereas this cardigan definitely isn't!

I'm going to try to challenge myself to not buy any yarn this month. And if I really can't resist a yarn then I have to close the internet window and have a rummage through my stash and cast something new on!

(watch me finish this month with 30 WIP's and a very long shopping list for the 1st July!!)


  1. Oh no, hope you're all well soon x

    1. thank you! I do too! My eldest was sick again last night but *touch wood* they all seem to be fine now. Not been fun!

  2. Hi Evelyn, just noticed you are missing from the "usual haunts" and hoping you're ok. I miss you.

    1. Hi hun, been a bit quiet on CNA and I deleted my facebook account last month as was finding myself getting worked up about silly things and being easily side tracked. I'm ok, thanks for thinking of me :-)


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