Friday, 29 June 2012

FO Friday

As I mentioned on Monday, I cast on a quick knit after finishing my Romantika, well here it is :-)


(photos were taken in the morning and the grass was a bit wet, hence me squeezing it onto the patio instead!)


For those of you who didn't instantly recognise it, the shawl is made using the Faraway So Close pattern by Carina Spencer. I knitted it using some stashed yarn dyed by Alison at Pixieknits in her Violet Rainbow colourway. This is probably my most favourite of her colourways, anything which combines purples and rainbows has got to be good in my book!


As you can see the shawl has a series of simple stitch patterns. I knitted the larger size over about a week with not knitting every day. It's a very relaxing knit and with just enough detail to keep me interested. The rows did feel rather long by the end when I was doing the ruffle!

I'd definitely knit this pattern again, it would make a great Christmas gift for someone. I'm planning on taking mine on holiday with me to wrap around my shoulders when we go for evening walks on the beach or sit outside the tent reading while the children sleep :-)


  1. What a fabulous shawl! I love the colours and the pattern looks great :)


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