Friday, 8 June 2012

First sleeve done!

Ooo I'm getting excited, I cast off the first sleeve yesterday and it only took me 4 days to knit so maybe I'll have the cardigan finished by this time next week!! Although I haven't got buttons yet, so it won't be completely finished. I need to decide what type of buttons to get, I'm thinking something big and wooden.

Here's a photo I took yesterday just before I started the moss stitch cuffs. Apologies for the poor lighting, feels like it's been raining forever. It's supposed to be Summer!


I would also like to apologise for the manky looking floor! We're renting and I don't think the landlord has replaced the carpets since the house was built. They are clean, just grubby looking :-S *sigh* I hate renting, one day we will buy a house and decorate it ourselves and it will be wonderful...


As I didn't have much knitting to show you I thought I'd take a couple of pictures of where I knit so you can have a nose around my lounge. This is what I look at when I'm knitting, the mirror was made by my Mum, it's a cardboard frame with paper maché on top followed by lots of decorations!

The tiles were decorated by my girls for Mother's day. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them at the moment so they are just propped up like this. Does anyone have any ideas?


Finally here's my spot on the sofa, note the laptop for reading patterns, the random knitting accessories lying around and of course the obligatory cup of tea! It's so cosy sitting here while the children are sleeping :-)


Hope you guys have a good weekend, I'm crossing my fingers for some drier weather so we can get out of the house for a walk! Some knitting time would be good too :-)


  1. It's getting there! I hope the other arm flies... I think it's going to look great :)
    Tiles - they're cute. I have no suggestions, except to say that I have some glorious tiles that I am waiting to cement into something sometime .... when we eventually live in the house we keep forever.... for now, they're propped up, just like yours :)

    1. I was wondering about in years to come making them part of a mosaic on a piece of furniture a la Kirsty Allsop. I think they could look quite cute as a little table :-)

      Second arm is almost done, onto the moss stitch cuff now which shouldn't take long. Then it's just collar, pockets, buttons, sewing in ends, blocking... I'm itching to cast on a new project though!

  2. Your cosy corner looks lovely, and so tidy!! not nearly enough knitting paraphernalia lying around!!

    I have nominated you for a sunshine award on my blog, pop over to see.

    1. I'd tidied earlier in the week when a friend came round. There is more mess there now and a random pot of teething stuff for my grumpy girl. She's cutting 4 pre-molars at once and is properly miserable with it

  3. Wow your sweater looks great! & i love your corner, I wish I had one like that!

    1. thank you :-) I love my corner too although I think it needs some sort of yarnie blanket at some point. If I ever work out how to crochet I'll make a granny square blanket for it to make it even more cosy :-)


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