Monday, 10 February 2014

FO - Socks on a Plane

I've got a quick FO post for you today. I've been working on these socks for a while, they've been my mindless knitting/car knitting project but I decided that I wanted to finish them by the end of January so I put some extra effort into them


I used my normal toe up pattern with 64 stitches on 2.0mm needles and a gusset heel but added in this simple cable


I knitted the cable stitches through the back loop to make them pop


The pattern I was inspired by is Socks on a Plane  which is free on ravelry. The yarn is by Wharfedale Woolworks in a colourway appropriately called "Heatwave". This particular colourway has sold out but there's a gorgeous yarn called Firecracker that's quite similar ;-)


Have a good week everyone. I'm hoping ours ends better than it did last week. We've had a family member with health issues, a broken car and a dead hamster. Not very happy at all :-(


  1. Oh bummers about the hamster that's passed. They are a tricky species and it's hard to know why it's died. Hope your ohana gets better soon and dang about the car. Vehicles are such a necessity.
    The socks are great! The color is fun and that cable is definitely an eye catcher.

    1. Thank you :) With the hamster it was just old age. We rescued her from a tiny cage when she was an old lady so didn't think we'd have long with her anyway. We had just over 2 months with her in a huge cage with lots of love and tasty treats. Her passing was peaceful although still sad.

  2. Just love the socks! You have a lovely blog. I'll be following! ~Terri

  3. love those socks! what a great yarn choice. :)


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