Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goals for 2014

I've been coming up with a list of projects I'd like to make over 2014. Some are specific, X project with Y yarn, others are more vague. I like planning things, especially this time of the year. New Year, New Start, a time to reassess how I want my crafting to develop over the year :-)

  • An Alec XL jumper for Mr Soaring Sheep. This one is currently on the needles.
  • A Spirited cardigan for me. I've got the yarn, some beautiful malabrigo, I just need to get round to casting on. More of a Spring-time project I think, I'd like to have it finished by the Summer.

  • Another cardigan for me, I'm thinking 3/4 length or long length sleeves and buttons, a cosy cardigan :-)
  • A Rainshine shawl. I've got the most gorgeous grey yarn for this which has a faint pink to it and then I've got grey beads with a pink lining to use. Or maybe they're pink beads with a grey lining... either way it will look lovely
Forgotten dream of a rose OOAK

  • Another shawl using this beautiful green yarn. I don't know what kind of shawl yet, waiting for inspiration I guess. I don't have any beads for it at the moment.

  • More socks. I have a few sock yarns at the moment, I want to make some for me and maybe another pair or two for Mr Soaring Sheep. 
  • More colourwork. After finishing my first (wearable!) colourwork project I'm rather keen to try it again. Handily this also feeds in to...
  • Another steeking adventure. Maybe another toddler sized cardigan or maybe something bigger for me.

  • Finish my solid granny square blanket. I'm over halfway in making squares now. Then there is the joining and the border to do

  • A tiny granny square cushion. I've got the cushion pad and some fleece to sew the crochet on to already. I want lots of bright colours, a real stash busting cushion :-)
  • Another cushion of some sort. I've got a second cushion pad, just waiting for the right inspiration.
  • Finish this big granny squares blanket. It's hibernating at the moment as I've got other projects I'm working on, plus I'm running low on red yarn at the moment

 Other goals
  • Cold Sheeping. I've currently "cold sheeped" for 80 days. I'm not intending to do it all year but I'd like to see how long I can go before needing to buy more yarn
  • Stash Reduction, I guess this feeds in to Cold Sheeping too really. I've got around 17 miles of yarn at the moment. I'd like to end 2014 with less than that. Some of the 17 miles is already knitted/crocheted up, I don't count it as out of my stash until the item is finished. I'm also bad at working out yardage on crochet projects so it's not fully accounted for. Having said that I have an awful lot of ends that aren't in ravelry but could be combined to make a nice scrappy project. Hopefully the numbers balance out in my favour!


  1. That Rainshine Shawl is like faerie wings transformed into a shawl.


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