Thursday, 2 January 2014

Daffodils and Knitting

One of the things I really like about Christmas decorations is taking them down again! I know that sound a bit odd but as much as I enjoy getting the house ready for Christmas, I love the feeling of space and decluttering when you take them down again. In our family the decorations go up the first weekend of December and come down the 1st January.


I like reclaiming the house, getting out the ornaments, candles etc. that I normally have around the place. I do change things around anyway as the seasons change, more candles in cold dark weather, more flowers in the Spring and Summer. It's more gradual during the rest of the year though.


Daffodils are my favourite thing about Spring. I know it isn't Spring yet but with these happy yellow flowers and the sunlight shining in through the windows I can pretend it is.


The dark evenings under a blanket watching the fire say it's still Winter. But that's ok too because I can knit a warm jumper for Mr Soaring Sheep :-)


It's grown another couple of inches since I took these photos. 15 inches of stockinette takes a while


I don't think Mr Soaring Sheep is that fond of modelling! Or maybe he's just concerned about the knitting needle sticking out ;-)


  1. Your hubb is funny. Mine would never be patient to model. That's a cool mirror.

    1. it was one of the conditions of me knitting a jumper for him lol ;-)

      Thanks, my Mum makes them. It's a cardboard base and shapes covered in paper maché and then painted, sequinned, glittered etc. Then it all gets attached to a wooden frame for strength. I love it :)

  2. Thats the look my husband gives me when I ask him to try things on, repeatedly... lol. I also love taking down the xmas tree, but you have daffodils is worrying to me, I don't want to say goodbye to Summer just yet!

    1. They were probably grown in a greenhouse or imported. I don't normally buy them this early but decided to treat myself to a bunch lol. Carry on enjoying your Summer :)

  3. Daffodils are my favourite flowers. I love your mirror! My decorations won't be down till Sunday, but it will be good to have some space I agree. No I don't think Mr SS likes modeling much! LOL! X

  4. I feel the same about Christams decorations!


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