Monday, 6 January 2014

Adventures in Felting

Back in Autumn 2012 I knitted this lovely Milo for my youngest son.


It's been much loved and up until the weekend was still being worn regularly. Unfortunately a mishap happened. It got put in the wash basket and I didn't notice it until it came out of the washing machine looking like this :-(


It's hard to tell from photos but it is very felted and no longer wearable, not even by my littlest girl.

There were tears. There was stomping of feet. There might also have been a few swear words. Yes it was me having a tantrum. My son has far too much faith in my ability to knit a new top to be too upset...

So what to do with this felted fabric now? Turn it into a small bag? A little cushion back? Does anyone have any other ideas? Excluding the straps it is now 9 inches long and 21 inches all the way round.

It's still quite soft and supple considering it's felted, I'd like to give it another chance to be beautiful. Help please!


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry! I think it would make a beautiful small bag or cushion back. Those are great ideas!

    1. One of the downsides of pure wool and small children I guess lol. At least it got a lot of love and can hopefully be reused :)

  2. Maybe it could be turned into a tea cosy or a peg bag of a top for a teddy bear.

    1. It would make a good tea cosy actually because it's so thick although I don't think we'd use one very much. Hmm wondering about some sort of placemat...

  3. Oopsies! Would it fit a baby?


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