Monday, 22 July 2013

WIP Mountain Monday Update

On Saturday I posted about how I was going to spend this week reducing my WIP pile and already I'm excited to tell you I've done just that! My "Wingspan" shawl is now finished and just needs a couple of ends sewing in, blocking and photographing ready for Friday


I managed to get my 9th triangle and knitted a few extra rows too to get the effect I wanted. I'm pleased it's finally finished and my 7 year old daughter has already claimed it for her own!

Mr Soaring Sheep has been wonderful and sewn on 7 of the 8 buttons needed for the "Summer Storm" vest. He would have sewn on the last one too but I've not yet knitted that bit. Hopefully it will be done very soon :-)


My project for today is the lace cardigan "Oh Summer". I've not really done that much yet to be honest as I keep forgetting YO's at the end of the row and then having to tink back. Hopefully after a cup of tea and with some peace from the little ones who are currently having a nap, I'll be able to make some decent progress on it :-)


As you can see I'm magic looping because... well I guess because I can and I'm too lazy to find my 3.5mm 30cm circs! I've also just noticed the feather on the carpet in the picture, I think the little darlings have been having pillow fights again...!

Hope the sun is shining where ever you are :-)


  1. You are extremely productive! How cool your hub did a bit of sewing for you.

    1. he likes sewing buttons, I hate sewing buttons, we're a good match lol

  2. You managed to get your husband to sew on buttons!! well I am in awe of your Husband wrangling abilities ;)


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