Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello everyone! I've had a busy few days with both knitting and life generally. My current WIP is a bit of a stash busting one, Bayside Britches by Jennifer Pimental. I can't remember who dyed the yarn other than it was one of the many talented UK WAHM's!


I enjoyed knitting the top part with the trim yarn as well as the main colourway but I did keep getting in a tangle with all the different balls of yarn. I had to keep stopping to untangle.

I'm doing the half linen stitch option for the waistband. It helps hide the change in needle size from the bib section to the main part of the body and it looks rather nice too :-) There are a variety of other options in the pattern and experienced knitters could just knit their own favourite stitch pattern.

These will be for my youngest daughter. Either for her birthday at the end of March or possibly a little bit sooner if she keeps on growing at her current rate. I think all my children have shot up over the Christmas holidays, I suspect I'll need to buy lots of new school shoes for them soon lol


  1. Oh those are going to be darling! I'm inspired by your stash busting too.

    1. Thank you :-) I'm thinking of maybe doing ruffles on the bottom of the legs. Not going to be long before she's out of nappies so I need to get my girly fix now lol.

      Stash busting is a result of totting up my yardage and finding I've gained 6 miles in 7 months. Oops!

  2. Fun and wild! Like how it's away from the typical girly pink.

  3. Oh they are fab. I love the colours


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