Friday, 18 January 2013

FO Friday Christmas Cardigan

Hi guys! Bit of a photo-heavy post coming up as I've not really got much to say at the moment lol. Here, finally, are the photos of my eldest's Christmas cardigan :-)


Apparently she's forgotten how to smile nicely now she's a huge 7 years old (I am rather in denial that she's so big already!)


Gappy mouth from more of her teeth falling out lol


Pattern is Saffron by Elena Nodel. Very straight forward pattern and probably quite good for stash busting as you could do the cuffs, edging and centre section in a contrasting yarn. I'd like to make some more of these as they're good for a quick project and a light-weight cardigan to wear over Summer dresses for example.


I made the size 5-6 years but I think I could probably have got away with the next size up. Not the end of the world though as it's long enough for her now and she's small for her age so should get a bit of use out of it before it's outgrown lol


I'm currently knitting a dress for her. I've finished the dungarees I was working on last time I posted but I need to get some buttons in the right size. I've also knitted a quick hat for a friend's little boy but I'm giving it to her today so don't want to spoil the surprise. Might see if she'll mind me putting a photo of him on my blog although if not I do have a couple of my little one modelling it ;-)

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  1. This is a lovely sweater. I'm sure she likes it a lot. Happy weekend. Regula

  2. Found your blog on Tami's and am now following so I can keep up with your yarny goodness. I love the cardigan. I had recently added it to my favourites with the idea of making it for my girls so its good to see your beautiful daughter modelling it. I blog over at Ruth's Little Leprechauns.

    1. Aw thank you :-) Will go check out your blog now. Saffron is a lovely pattern to knit although the ruffle feels like it takes a while but it's worth it in the end :-)

  3. Lovely sweater! I think your model is too cute :)

  4. The sweater looks great, and your daughter looks like she's got a lot of spunk. Great work with the knitting.

  5. What a great lil sweater/cardi. I like it a lot and it looks like she really enjoys it too :)

  6. The cardi looks great! Love the color. And it looks like she likes it! :)

  7. cute sweater. cute little girl. cute. cute.

  8. I love Saffron and have made it twice for my Little Miss - the second was a stash buster! And you're right - it was perfect - I just made 3/4 sleeves when the yarn was running out and have different colour for the frills.

    Your model is very lovely and just a little older than my Boy who I tried to photograph this morning in something I'd finished - your photos are much better, he couldn't keep still!

  9. Beautiful cardigan and model!!

  10. The color of the sweater is beautiful!! Such a cute model too@

  11. That is a lovely purple cardi! It fits her beautifully and I love how she paired it with that graphic top. She is one beauty and I totally understand the denial of such an age.


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