Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WIP Wednesday

I've been taking advantage of the snowy weather and spending a nice amount of time sat on the sofa with the fire on and some knitting or crochet in my hands. It's been lovely :-)

I've mainly been working on a dress for my 7 year old. I've basically used the Milo vest pattern and extended it and added few increases. She wanted something twirly, warm and homemade rather than anything particularly complex or challenging to knit. Still, given that she is 7, there is still quite a lot of stockinette knitting to do so at least it's fairly mindless and can be done in front of the tv watching a film!


The yarn is acrylic by Ice Yarns and comes in a variety of bright colours. Not the highest quality yarn in the world but perfectly serviceable :-) I think it works quite well for this sort of seamless knitting


I'm thinking of maybe doing an eyelets row at the bottom followed by a garter stitch border. Probably got another inch or two to go before I start that. It's growing so slowly now thanks to all the increases!

My other project at the moment is my on-going Granny square blanket. I've made another 3 and a bit squares so I've reached this month's target of crocheting 14 squares. I'm in no rush to get this blanket finished so I'm enjoying working on them as and when I'm in the mood. I think the middle one with the purple/pink and green is my favourite :-)


(I'll weave the ends in at the weekend probably. I like to have a small pile to do all at once lol)

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  1. Hey Evelyn, I found you on tami amis. I've seen the Milo Vest pattern before, and I love the look of it. It's neat that you are making a dress from it. Good luck!

    1. Thank you :-) It's a lovely pattern, I often steer beginners towards it because it's so straight forward and well written

  2. Lovely projects! My favorite is the dress and how you are modifying the vest pattern.

  3. I totally agree, my favorite square is the pink & green one!!

  4. The dress is adorable! It will be a great layering piece for your little girl. I bet she'll get a ton of use from it! As long as it continues to fit her she could even wear it as a long tunic as she gets taller.

  5. The dress is looking lovely, I LOVE that colour! and is it sparkly??

  6. Ah how wonderful it is to make a monthly target! Go you! The dress is super pretty, it looks perfect for springtime!

  7. That blue is all about happy. Love the sparkle in it.

  8. The squares are looking great. I still need to learn how to tuck in my ends and neatly change colour.


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