Friday, 4 January 2013

FO Friday, Two Christmas Jumpers

The first jumper I want to show you today is from the MKAL Elena Nodel did back in November. The pattern is called Magical and had several options for personalising it and making it more boyish or girly. Given mine was for a boy I went for the unisex option sleeves and body shape and did a single kangeroo pocket on the front which he loves


I love the little cable detail on the front


Showing off the cosy pocket :-)


And now pulling daft faces!


I really enjoyed this pattern and the mystery KAL. The construction of the jumper was unusual but straight forward as long as you did exactly what the instructions told you and just trusted them. I find this is the case for most of Elena's patterns, she gives a lot of detail so even beginners can make something beautiful.

I'd like to knit another one of these with the girly options for one of my daughters at some point. Perhaps for next Autumn/Winter :-)



My other Christmas jumper was using the Little Hoodlum pattern by Julia Stanfield. It was my second time knitting this pattern so I decided I'd go for the cabled raglan sleeves and the kangeroo pocket. (There was no way my youngest son would agree to a jumper without a pocket when his big brother had one!)


Made with an acrylic yarn and a little big for growing room. Yarn was Ice Magic Glitz


Can my children not pose sensibly for photos??


Apparently not! Anyways, it's a fab pattern with a good range of sizes and quick to knit up. My son is very pleased with his new jumper :-)


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  1. Love the jumpers! My favorite is the blue one.

  2. So cute, and adorable models :)
    Love the rainbow jumper, too sweet!

  3. You have some very handsome little models over your way! The kangaroo pockets on both these sweaters are wonderful! I bet your boys get a lot of use of these.

  4. I agree with the awesomeness of kangaroo pockets! And I really like the cabled raglan.

  5. They are both adorable! And the sweaters are wonderful. Great job.

  6. These jumpers are wonderful! The first one has such cool detailing. The second is full of energy like your little one.

  7. They look great!! I love the matching pockets.

  8. wow, adorable sweaters and your models are even cuter!


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