Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have two WIP's at the moment, I'm a bit fickle like that!

Firstly (and please excuse the phone pic, Ava was practicing standing by holding on to my arm so it was a bit tricky to take the pic!) here is a Ridinghood Sweater for Ava


I had to order a pair of 3.75mm interchangeable tips from Get Knitted this week because I didn't have any. I ordered Monday afternoon and they arrived early Tuesday morning, how's that for service! Plus it was free postage, bargain :-D

My other WIP is a pair of instock woollies for my shop. I've not decided yet if they're going to be longies, shorties or maybe even crops. They are a medium size although not 100% certain what the hips will be after blocking as depends how much the cables pull them in. I think they look rather cute though :-)


The yarn is called Emerald Isle (I think!) and it's from the lovely Kirsty at Wharfedale Woolworks

(If anyone wants the shorties/longies then feel free to drop me a comment for measurements or message me on facebook or through my shop)


  1. That's a really nice pattern. Did you get KnitPro tips? I was lucky enough to get a whole set for Christmas, and I like them so much I use them for flat pieces too!

  2. Yeah, I've been using them for a few years now. I still prefer my Addis but when I bought my interchangables I could only get Knitpro (or Knitpicks as they were then!). If I'd waited a few months I'd have got Addi Clicks instead I think


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