Friday, 10 February 2012

FO Friday Fail

I have been trying sooo hard this week to get my Lavanda finished and it's ALMOST there but I've not done the pockets, blocked it or sewn the buttons on so it's still not properly "finished". It's looking lovely though, I'm so proud of it lol. I'm really looking forward to showing it off!

I've got lots of projects lined up that I want to make. I bought some Knit Picks Chroma last week which is going to become some cabled wrist warmers for me. I've picked out this pattern and will cast them on at the weekend I expect.

However, this morning I had itchy fingers, I wanted something quickish to knit so I've cast on some longies. They are bright green longies, with a twist ;-)

Unfortunately Ava has chosen not to have a nap this afternoon so I'm not going to get much knitting done :-( And then it's half term next week which could either mean all of the children play beautifully together while I knit or more likely I'll spend my time coming up with games, activities and sorting out disagreements :-p


  1. I think that friday was a flop for many of us, all the projects and mini goals unmet 8/. But, then there are the weeks where we get a lot done, more than we expected so I guess it evens out in the long run....but is so frustrating when it happens!

  2. It is, I have a feeling this friday will be a fail too as I'm not really loving the Ridinghood sweater I'm knitting so I wouldn't be surprised if I put off finishing it. Bit silly really as the sooner I finish it the sooner I can knit something else


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