Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fluffy post

I've been enjoying a bit of yarn/pattern/needle shopping lately! I've got some lovely patterns to knit up at some point, a lot of them from Elena Nodel after joining in a co-op on the Yarn Lovers Unite forum. There is one pattern in particular I'm super excited about but I'll post about that on Thursday ;-)

Today I would like to show you a couple of yarns I've bought recently and the patterns I'm planning on knitting with them. Firstly is this gorgeous blue cotton which is a slightly warmer blue than the my phone picture shows (DP has taken my camera to work with him in his coat pocket...)


This beautiful yarn is destined to become a beautifully cabled cardigan called Gramps cardigan and it will be for one of my boys. I've got enough yarn for the 4T size but it will depend how true to size it is.

The second yarn I want to show off today is some beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn *swoon*


No, you're not imagining that sheen, it's simply gorgeous! The colourway is Caribeno and it's destined to become not a pair of socks (can you believe I've never actually knitted some!) but another cabled jumper. Are you sensing a theme here? This time it will be using the Little Momo pattern and will be for Eli.

I'm on such a pattern knitting kick at the moment. Yes the yarns are beautiful and I'm looking forward to knitting them but it's the patterns I'm getting really excited about. The problem is not having enough time in the day to knit everything I want to (isn't it always?). My children are lovely but they do seem to want a lot of attention, clean clothes, food, stories, walks round the park... ;-)

However, I have found some time to work on my current WIP. It's my first bottom up jumper and I'll post a photo tomorrow :-)


  1. I love that sock yarn, gorgeous colours!

    1. It's scrummy isn't it! I'm really looking forward to knitting it up :-)


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