Friday, 17 February 2012

FO Friday Rainbow wrist warmers

How friggen gorgeous is this yarn! Photo taken with flash but the colours are pretty accurate. And it's soooo soft! Yummy yummy yummy!!


And here's a couple of shots of them in action. I love how the cables are mirror images, just a nice attention to detail.


Yeah I know the rainbow doesn't match exactly but it's not too far off. I wasn't sure about the green thumbs at first because it disrupted the rainbow but as I did them both with the same section of the colourway I think they look quite nice and they make me smile. Plus it shows they are handmade rather than something from a shop so that's always good IMO


Pattern is Trenza Mitts and nicely written. I knitted mine in the round using two circular needles but there are instructions for knitting them flat and then seaming up at the end. The yarn is Knit Picks Chroma and is simply divine. It's single ply and a bit thick and thin in places but it's so pretty I'll forgive it ;-)

A very enjoyable knit and I feel very indulgent having such pretty mitts on my fingers :-)


  1. They're stunning. I love the green thumbs!

  2. wow theyre amazing :D

  3. Absolutely friggin' gorgeous! I adore them, and think the green thumbs are very cute. Such a good job and choice of yarn :D

    1. I saw a pair on Ravelry done using the same yarn and couldn't resist recreating them

  4. Love the mitts! I've been on a kick knitting many cute patterns out on Ravelry. I love those & the green thumbs are perfect

    1. You are partly to blame for me adding these sorts of patterns to me queue!


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