Friday, 24 February 2012

FO Friday Ridinghood Sweater

Well, it's another Friday and here is Ava's Ridinghood Sweater in all it's glory :-)


I'll be honest, I didn't like this sweater very much. The skirt part took forever and the lace... Well actually the lace wasn't too bad, it was knitting it whilst tired and finding it hard to concentrate that was tricky! I ended up having to frog back 4 rows because I'd made a mistake and couldn't fix it. I did make another mistake later on but that was fixable and now I can't even remember where it was.


The sleeves were a pain. I tried magic loop, it didn't click in my head. I didn't have DPN's in the right size and I'm not a fan of knitting with them anyway, too easy for children to pull out or to poke myself with! I ended up doing them using two circulars.


I used a stretchy cast off called a "decrease cast off" (instructions here for the cuffs and the rolled collar. I didn't fancy knitting another hood and she never keeps them up anyway.

I looked at the unblocked sweater and was a bit "meh". It looked odd and the lace was all messy but when I gently held it out a piece at a time I could see something there. I washed it, blocked it and held it up to the light. What a difference!

And then I put it on her, and it looked so right. The full skirt made perfect sense, the lace was a delicate edging. The cuffs snuggle up against her chubby wrists. And she looked at me, and pulled this face:


And I fell in love with it again. I'm surprised quite how pleased I am with this sweater given how much I loathed it during construction, how tempted I was to frog it and make something else. I can't wait to knit another one :-)

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