Sunday, 5 July 2009


Had a scary moment last night. I tried to put away a big bag of yarn I got recently from Babylonglegs. I didn't have space in my yarn box. I didn't have space in the big drawer either. I have too much yarn :-o I told DP to take a note of the time!

Unfortunately I decided I had too much yarn just after I ordered 5 skeins from Krafty Koala, whoops!

However I have finished a pair of X large shorties which I cast on friday evening. I then cast on another pair of shorties and I've finished the back of a medium soaker which will be part of a skirty I'm making for a friend's baby.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with yarn at the moment so I'm knitting really quickly to try to get rid of some of it. I'm hoping to get all my orders done by August so I can close the shop for a month and knit some longies for Eli to wear this winter. I've got 3 longies worth of yarns that I bought for him from the US whilst i was pregnant and I've not touched any of them. I've also got 2 skeins of yarn I was going to make into longies for my eldest hut she's potty trained. I'm still deciding whether to use it for my bigger boy or to keep it to one side for Eli when he's bigger...

Patt of me likes the idea of putting all my yarn in a big pile on the floor and taking a photo. I'm worried that it might shock me a bit though!

Anyways, I'll do some photos of what I've been making in a bit but just wanted to post this one now of some instock shorties I made out of the yarn I dyed a few weeks ago


I'm rather pleased with them :-) They're listed for sale in my shop

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