Thursday, 18 June 2009

More Scrappies!

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This time some girly ones. Finished off with a cute little ruffle :-) These were a custom order. The pale orange/green/blue section at the crotch increases was yarn dyed by me. I've knitted the rest of it up into some X-large shorties but forgot to take a photo of them. They're lovely and summer-ey too.

Also I have a better photo of the Blue Banana shorties: DSC06080

Currently I'm working on another pair of scrappies, this time some boyish crops. I've just got to sew up the crotch and do the legs. I've got the yarns already and I'm planning on doing it in the next couple of evenings.

I'm off on holiday today. We're going to be staying at the in-laws house for a couple of weeks and having a holiday from there. We've already planned two beach trips and I'm planning on meeting up with some friends too which I'm looking forward to.

I need something to knit in the car so I'm taking with me some crops that I've got on the needles. I'm also planning on making a skirty for a friend's baby girl as well so will be taking yarn for that. Guess it's not technically a holiday if I'm bringing my knitting, but it's a hobby so it doesn't count :-p


  1. Evelyn, they are both absolutely gorgeous, I loved the Blue Banana when I saw them before but the girlie scrappies are the most wonderful mixture of colours

  2. They are both great! I love the scarrpies! Can you believe I have not knit for 2 weeks?!?!? I tore up my hands doing yard work & am itching to get back to it!

  3. @katydids: Not knitted for 2 weeks :-o I'm not surprised your itching to get back to it. Poor you :-(

    @louise: thankies :-) I really enjoy rummaging through my yarn bag and putting colourways together. It's nice rediscovering ones I'd forgotten about

  4. I love these!!! Are you selling them or anything?

  5. That particular pair was a custom order but I have custom slots listed here:

    I'm going to be listing some 10% off slots tomorrow for my 1 year anniversary ;-)


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