Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Busy Me

Two more shorties to show off and another pair just finished today that need lanolising which I'll post pictures of tomorrow.

First shorties are these made using Babylongleg's Weeping Willow colourway. These were for the same person who ordered the Blue Banana shorties


I ran out of yarn at the end so ended up having to do a simple crocheted drawstring. I'm really pleased with how they turned out though. Hardly any pooling and the colours look really nice knitted up.

This pair I finished at the weekend:


They're knitted in a goldfish colourway from Krafty Koala. I'd been lusting after this colourway for a whiile, bought it and then persuaded a customer to choose it! These were X-large shorties but surprisingly quick to knit. I love this colourway and I'm sure I'll be ordering it again at some point :-D

Anyways, need to get back to the needles. Hopefully I'll have some more photos to post soon :-)

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