Thursday, 16 July 2009

Here come the girls!

I've been enjoying lots of girly orders lately. As I only have boys in cloth nappies at the moment it's good fun to be able to use pinks and ruffles :-)

This pair were an X-Large custom order using Krafty Koala's Fairground colourway. Soooo bright!


This pair are in Babylongleg's Chocolate Candy colourway. Due to a problem with my shop I managed to sell this colourway twice. The other customer is being very understanding and patient and I'll be knitting hers up when Sarah has had the time to dye up more yarn when she's back from her hols :-)


I love these ruffles!!


Finally I've got a Juliette skirty to show off that I've made as a swap for a friend's baby. I'm going to be offering custom slots for these from August




I did a sewn cast off for the legs and skirty which took forever! Won't be doing that again, no matter how nice it looks!


  1. Gorgeous work as ever, Evelyn!

  2. Those are beautiful! I love sarah's that a bell ruffle!?! Some little girl is going to just to cute in those woolies! I am so far behind in all my knitting with summer projects/chores...have to knuckle down and get busy!

  3. Pretty much, I started with K2 P2 and then did the pattern increases :-)

    I keep thinking about winter projects like hats and jumpers!

  4. Oooh.......yummy Woollies, E :)
    S xXx

  5. They are all absolutely gorgeous but I love the Fairground colourway.


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