Tuesday, 17 May 2016

New Stash

I got a bit over excited by new-to-me dyers recently so I've acquired lots of pretty new sock yarns. Hopefully I've stopped adding to the stash now as it's going to take me a while to knit these all up!

These first two are from Stranded Dyeworks.  I fell for these after discovering the dyer's podcast, I love how she's dyed these colourways with lots of different dapples of colour


This one is called "Funfair", it's so pretty, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it knits up. The other one I bought is called "Ocean Rainbow"


I've already wound this one into a ball and cast on some socks, look how pretty it is


(ignore the safety pins, the bottom one tells me the starting row after the heel, the top one is for row 1 of the chart repeat)

The next two yarns are from Jellybeans Yarns, the first is called "Iridescent" and again it was the dyer's use of colour that caught my eye


This one was a custom dye and didn't come out quite as warm as the original colourway looked in photos. That's the nature of this kind of dyeing though and it's still very pretty.

The other colourway I bought was "Peacock", I do like a peacock-coloured yarn lol


The above 4 colourways were a birthday present to myself. Mr Soaring Sheep rather dropped the ball with my birthday this year and didn't get me anything :-o He has been suitably beaten though and once his thumb nails have grown back he'll be fine ;-)

To make up for his APPALLING behaviour (!) he chose this surprise yarn for me from Fivemoons Yarns


The colourway is called "Romantic Abnegation" but I think he chose it for the pretty purples rather than it's name lol. Unfortunately Pippin decided the skein looked interesting and had lots of fun tangling it up so that took us a while to sort out. It's now wound into 4 balls of various sizes (naughty puppy...) and I'm in the process of casting on some TAAT socks with it. I think I'm going to use the Hermiones socks pattern again.

Last but not least are two colourways from Lamington Lass Yarns, the first one is called "Macaw" and might possibly become socks for Mr Soaring Sheep if I'm feeling nice towards him


The other colourway is called "Welcome to the Bronze Age" and as the name suggests has lots of rich browns in it together with gold stellina making it extra gorgeous


This will become some cabled or lace patterned socks at some point, I think the yarn would benefit from something with lots of texture.

Right, now I've confessed my sins I'd better get on with getting some of my WIP's finished off quicker so I'm going to have a bit of knitting time whilst I wait for the puppy to digest his breakfast and the washing machine to finish it's current load. Have a good week everyone :-)


  1. You certainly gave us a feast for the eyes with this post. BEAUTIFUL yarn, enjoy your knitting with it.

    1. Thank you, I'm sure I will have a lovely time with it lol

  2. Those are all just amazing! You have some very talented dyers in Great Britain. I'm going to save myself some money by just assuming that I wouldn't want to pay the postage to have any of that wonderful stuff sent to the States!

    1. hehe I think the same thing about US dyers

  3. I grant you permission to have an unlimited sock yarn stash! Love that Iridescent and Macaw.

  4. Some beautiful yarns!! Lovely instead of Mr Soaring Sheep buying you birthday presents yarns!

    1. Well he didn't know he was buying me these yarns until they arrived, but what good taste he had lol ;)


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