Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Keep Calm Craft On

I'm mainly trying to work on Mr Soaring Sheep's socks this week. I'm just about the start the heel turn on the second sock so once that's done they shouldn't take much longer


Photo taken with flash which has washed the colours out a bit. I love the stripes that have formed as it's knitted up. Yarn is from Countess Ablaze and I've got a second skein to make some socks for me at some point. I'll do a pattern with them though so I can tell them apart from his!


These pretty ones are using the Coffee and Cupcakes pattern which is ever so easy. The yarn is from Felt Fusion/Den of Yarniquity and has a slight sparkle to it. I'm slowly knitting up the leg of the first sock at the moment as I only work on it when Mr Soaring Sheep is around.

Right I'd better get that heel done on Mr Soaring Sheep's sock, head over to Keep Calm Craft On for more crafty posts :) Or scroll down to see a grinning puppy ;)


Pippin will be 8 months old on Thursday  :)


  1. All the socks are lovely, but that grinning pup is the bomb!!! I love his adorable face.

  2. Pip has grown! How playful he is. I like that zippy blue in your husband's socks. The colorway is like a koi pond or Finding Nemo.

  3. You are so nice to knit men's socks. They are one of my least favorite things to knit -- they take so long! And they are never in colors I like, such as pink. I love your socks, but they are toe-up. I just can't get the hang of that.

  4. The grinning puppy really made me smile, a good start to the day.

  5. Great socks!
    Some years ago I made hubby and me socks in the same yarn too ;)

  6. Love both of your socks this week, I assume the puppy is allowing for more knitting!!

  7. both are sooooo pretty but i am swooning over the second one, the yarn is awesome. i must learn how to knit socks!!

    i am curious about mr. soaring sheep!!!


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