Monday, 9 May 2016

I'm back!

Sorry for disappearing like that, after the running training and driving lessons I was feeling rather drained mentally. I decided to give myself a week off and just chill out as much as I needed to. By the end of it the house was looking neater, lots of knitting had been done and I was feeling much more positive.

It helps that the weather has been so glorious the past few days. We spent yesterday afternoon doing some gardening. We planted some new plants, put some new bedding plants in a couple of pots (I need to get more in the next few weeks but the Spring bulbs and bedding plants are still flowering) and we put down some grass seed to try to rescue what was left of the lawn



I'm pleased this Bleeding Heart plant has come back, it got rather brutalised last year by the chickens but clearly it had established itself enough that it could try again this year. I've just bought a white one of these too to brighten up a shady spot :)


My flowering cherry tree which spent almost a decade in a large pot is thorougly enjoying being able to get it's roots into the ground. This is the best blossom display I've seen from it :) You can also see some of the orange blossom of the flowering quince we inherited from the previous owners. Lots of bees and insects buzzing around that corner


Last year Mr Soaring Sheep bought me some surprise bulbs for my birthday. I planted them around the garden or in pots and waited with excitement to find out what they were. None of them grew. Not one. I was so disappointed, as was he! This year I spotted a collection of bulbs in Lidl so thought I'd have another go. This time they're in pots so I can keep track of what's growing at what isn't. There are dahlias, some anemones and some gladioli. They're all supposed to be red if I ever manage to get them to grow and flower! I also got 3 red lilly bulbs but they're planted in a pot round the front of the house as I have far more success getting lillies to grow!

I also planted three trays of sweet peas so I'm crossing my fingers for lots of pretty flowers this year. Some will be planted in the garden but most will end up in the allotment. Need to get down there again soon to see how our onions are growing and get some seeds in the ground :-D

Hope you all have a good week. I've got a couple of FO's to show you soon but today I'm going to work on Mr Soaring Sheep's Father's day socks. There's been quite a bit of stash enhancement lately so I need to get a move on ;-)


  1. The weather certainly has been amazing, a real improvement and such a great incentive to get out and about in the garden. Good luck with the bulbs.

  2. Good for you on taking a break. Glad you're recharged. Now you're fostering life :O).


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