Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday Happys

Goodness, how is it February already? Feels like we've only just eaten up all the Christmas food! Actually I think we do have some nuts to still work our way through... Mr Soaring Sheep is doing his best lol



My tulips and hyacinths are just going past their best now. They've looked so lovely though and brought a smile to my face. Can't beat fresh flowers in the Winter time for making you feel happy :)


My cosy sofa makes me feel happy too. Lots of bright colours and blankets for the children to snuggle in. It might be a bit gloomy outside but it's certainly not in my lounge!


Mr Soaring Sheep was a sweetie and put up my new bird feeder at the weekend. We found the little tray attachment for sale in a different shop and it's great for feeding the birds mealworms. Although the greedy starlings have emptied it it so quickly, I think I'll need to buy a bigger bag next time!


I'm ready to start doing the circle cables on my daughter's cardigan now. I ended up making a silly mistake and knitting an extra 2 inches because I was too lazy to check how much length I'd done with a tape measure. Frogging it back was a bit of a pain but I'm caught up now. As you can see the pockets have been separated for doing later, exciting :)

Have a good week everyone. I've got some FO photos to share with you later of my Annabel cardigan so pop back for a look. My daughter was her usual shy retiring self when we had our little photoshoot lol


  1. I love your colorful couch! I want to snuggle in among those cushions and start knitting!

  2. This was a splendid post. Your daughter's cardigan is pretty in that color. I like how you have bird feeders. Do you have issues with lots of bird poop though? Your flowers are beautiful. Not surprised at their vivid colors. I want to knit and chat on your couch.

  3. I love your colorful couch. That is so perfect for this time of year. It makes me smile!

  4. you have a pretty house ( love the color!) and a pretty back yard.

  5. Lovely post full of lovely and colorful photos :)

    Happy weekend!

    Lluisa xx


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