Wednesday, 25 February 2015

FO - Spun Sugar Cardigan

This is the last in a series of woollies I've made for my eldest girl. For those interested I've also made her Neverland Wendy, Bulle and Annabel. I decided as she's ok for woollies for this Winter I'd make the Spun Sugar cardigan a size bigger and with extra length on the sleeves so she can wear it for a couple of Winters :-)



You can see it's a little big for her but I don't think it fits too badly. 



The construction of this cardigan was slightly unusual. You kind of knit a shrug and then cast off the neck stitches so you just continue down the body of the cardigan. Took me a bit of thinking to get my head round it but having knitted lots of the designer's patterns before I knew that she'd give lots of details and as long as you followed the instructions it would all work out in the end.


I love this little cable detail :-)


Gotta love having pockets on a cosy cardigan :-)


The main feature of this cardigan though is these gorgeous interlocking rings. I wasn't entirely sure if I started them off correctly but I think they look ok



Pattern: Spun Sugar by Elena Nodel
Size: 8-9 years for my teeny 9 year old. Extra length added to sleeves and body.
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Aran in Kingfisher colourway
Model: Knitter's own ;-)

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  1. It's beautiful, well done!! I love the rib detail on the back. You make me so jealous as I only have 2 boys and no girls to knit for! All my boys want are "army" style sweaters that are really really boring to make! xxx

  2. I really like the scalloped look of the collar. And your daughter has great style - I would totally wear that outfit!

  3. what a lovely cardigan and I bet the unusual construction was fun and you couldn't wait to get to the next step. I think it fits fine and she will keep growing. PS I love her modeling :)

  4. It's wonderful! I love her modeling sessions, she is quite into it. LOL

  5. What a wonderful cardigan!! All those beautiful details, I love especially those on waist heighth! Your daughter looks happy with it!

  6. I think a little big is best and it's gorgeous. well done! :)

  7. Great looking cardigan and beautiful model! I'v knit many patterns, where I just could not picture how it was all going to work out. Then when you get to the "difficult" part of the pattern it just seems to work itself out.

  8. I just love it. What great details. It's a beautiful color as well.

  9. Model: Knitter's Own! That is so cute! She has done a lovely job modelling again. I love the interlocking rings, so different. Elena Nodel's patterns are great. The blue looks gorgeous!

  10. That is a drop-dead gorgeous cardi! The circles look perfect. And your model could not be cuter or do a better job!

  11. So cute, I just love the cables!

  12. She is a ham! I love how she loves her mama's work.

  13. It looks great and your daughter obviously had a lot of fun modelling it!! xx

  14. Absolutely gorgeous and very well done!

    Lluisa xx

  15. It looks fantastic. I love the interlocking rings on it, and she's obviously enjoying wearing it!

  16. It's gorgeous and I love the pockets! It strikes me as being a wonderful sweater to have adventures in! She's a lucky girl!


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