Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tuesday Happys

It's quite mild outside today. The sun is shining and you can pretend that Spring isn't far away. Apparently it's going to get very cold again tomorrow so I'm enjoying it today. I've got washing drying on the line outside and I thought I'd take some photos of things which are making me smile today


I love hyacinths and Spring bulbs in general. I love watching them push up green shoots and then flower buds :-)


I took a chance on these tulips. They were closed, green and in desperate need of a drink when I bought them. They're looking lovely now they've had a bit of tlc.


My girl cat likes to sleep on the top bunkbed. She's found a cosy blanket and some sunshine to enjoy :-)


Yesterday I cast on a new project. It's yet another cardigan for my eldest daughter and the last one I'll be making for her unless she has another growth spurt lol. This pattern is Spun Sugar by Elena Nodel and has an interesting method of construction. It's kind of like a raglan but now it's kind of gone a bit shrug like. It's got some gorgeous cables around the hem at the bottom which I'm looking forward to doing :-)

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  1. It does look lovely - like interlocking rings. Lovely blue as well. It will soon be time to plant bulbs here - daffodils are my favourite.

  2. Kitty loves the sun! Glad you are having mild weather.

  3. There is nothing a beautiful as a tulip in January!

  4. I like the vivid color of the hyacinths. Lucky girl to get a handknit cardigan from her mama and how awesome to have a daughter who appreciates it.

  5. What a gorgeous pattern! I can't wait to see the final product.

  6. Hyacinths and tulips?! LOVE!! Ms. Kitty looks like she is right where she is supposed to be...so content.

  7. Your cardie looks amazing in that colour, i look forward to seeing the end result.

  8. Amazing project and lovely cat!

  9. Ah - signs of spring! I love the cardi so far. It's one of my favorite colors.

  10. Lovely post Evelyn!
    Is it wrong to want that cardi for myself?!? I've saved and favd the pattern thanks! X

  11. you sure do have lucky kids who get great hand knits. Love the new sweater on the needles.


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