Friday, 9 January 2015

FO Friday - Umberto

It's been a long time coming but here finally are the finished photos of the Umberto I made for my eldest boy


It's a well written pattern and there are instructions for customising the length as well as how to adjust the pattern for your gauge as well. It's written from the bottom up with the gorgeous cables coming together at the neck and then forming the v neck. The sleeves are shaped with shortrows and then knitted top down


I used rowan pure wool dk in the Damson colourway so it's a lovely cosy warm jumper



I had a bit of an issue trying to do the first sleeve's short rows using magic loop and wasn't very happy with it. For the second one I used a 40cm circular needle instead and that worked much better for me. Luckily I was able to sort out the issues with the first sleeve through blocking and weaving in the ends carefully so now they both look nice and neat.


It's a gorgeous pattern and one I will happily knit again. I quite fancy making the vest version but need to persuade one of my boys they'd wear it like that. They don't tend to put woollies on unless they are really cold in which case they'd prefer the sleeves. Would love to make an adult size version for Mr Soaring Sheep if Sarah has the time to design one :-)


  1. Love it! Looks fantastic on him! X

  2. Great sweater and I love the color especially with those green pants! My son used to love lots of color, but now that he's older it's all dark and drab - sigh.

  3. fantastic sweater! Love the cable design on the front and the fit. My son loves purple too :)

  4. A very successful jumper. The cable detail really makes it stand out.

  5. Beautiful. I've been looking for cabled sweater vest pattern for my son and not having much luck. I wonder if this would work as a vest without the sleeves. I'm going to look into it. It's a fantastic looking pattern. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi, sorry for late reply. The pattern actually has instructions to finish it as a vest rather than with sleeves. I quite fancy making a vest version for my other son :)

  6. Looks great - the texture on the front is fantastic!

  7. How adorable your model is! Beautiful job.

  8. It's lovely...and it looks pretty warm where you are!

  9. Girl, you did a marvelous job on this gansey for this handsome young man! I totally love how your family is bold with color!

  10. That is a beautiful sweater. And what a cute boy!

  11. Love this sweater! The main cable design is stunning!

  12. What a handsome sweater on a handsome young man! The purple is just fantastic with that gorgeous cable. Well done!!


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