Monday, 12 January 2015

New Week, New Start

I know it's the 12th of January already but after the sad events just over a week ago I don't feel like I've really celebrated the New Year yet. 2014 was quite a big year for us with buying our first home and I'd been feeling like 2015 was going to be even better. Hopefully that will still be the case in the long term, even if it doesn't feel that happy right now.

I've decided I don't want to Cold Sheep this year. It was an interesting exercise and I did reduce my yarn stash which is what I wanted. I'm going to try to concentrate on using the yarn I've got but not denying myself if I see something which inspires me.

My Mum has given me her old sewing machine for me to have a play with so I'm looking forward to having a go this year. I've not used a sewing machine since school so I think I'll need to play around a bit with some simple beginner projects. Then perhaps later I can play around with these fat quarters I found reduced in Hobbycraft ;-)


I also treated myself to some yarn while I was there. This lovely dark green caught my eye partly for it's colour but also it's sheer size! It's a 400g ball and bigger than my head!


I think it will make a nice sweater of some sort for one of my little monsters. I was playing around on ravelry last night and thought Spun Sugar by Elena Nodel would work rather nicely. I love the cables round the bottom, so pretty!


This little madam was the reason we were in Hobbycraft in the first place so my stash acquisitions are entirely her fault... It was her birthday on Sunday and she wanted to get some crafty bits. She came away with an A3 sized sketch book and a collection of origami paper which is for her latest hobby. We're hopefully going to have a play with that this afternoon when she's back from school :-)


Of course no birthday is complete without cake so she and Mr Soaring Sheep made this utterly delicious cake using this recipe. I made the chocolate icing and applied the sprinkles. Very technical job mine lol.

I got a new phone just after Christmas so I'm finally exploring instagram. If you're on there give me a nudge, I've found some people but I'm sure I'm missing others. Hopefully this button will take you to my profile. I'm still getting used to it so bare with me!


Have a good week everyone. I should have another FO to share soon, just need to weave in the ends and wait for the rain to stop so I can get some photos :-)


  1. I'm so sorry your year got off to such a sad start. Hugs to you.
    I don't want to go Cold Sheep but I do have plans for a lot of my stash so I want to keep things under control till at least May when the first sheep and wool festival starts. Add me on Instagram - I'm Knit1Spin2. I'll look for you!

  2. Love the look of your fat quarters, I really need to get back into sewing this year while I'm on maternity. My poor sewing machine is just sat in the cupboard :(

    Sorry your year started in such a horrible way but hopefully there will be plenty of happy memories to come.

    I have followed you on Instagram :D

  3. I admire those who have sewing machine experience. It will be fun to see what becomes of those quarters. I love how your daughter made out like a bandit from the craft store.


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