Friday, 19 December 2014

FO - Charybdis Socks

It wouldn't be Christmas without a new pair of socks for Mr Soaring Sheep. Even before I was knitting them for him I'd buy him some lol. This pair have been made in secret although I'm starting to have my suspicions that the children have said something to him. Either that or he's EXPECTING a pair of knitted socks... Hmm may have to give them to him on Boxing day instead to trick him ;-)


Charybdis is a straight forward pattern to knit. It's a free pattern on ravelry and I was drawn to it because I liked that the feet spiral in opposite directions



I chose to do an afterthought heel rather than use the one in the pattern, just to be contrary really lol. The yarn is some of my stashed Flamboyance Yarns in a colourway called "Eldritch". I think it shows off the stitch pattern nicely, and green is kind of Christmassy right?


The children finish school today and Mr Soaring Sheep finishes work. We're all feeling rather run down and looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Not sure if I'm going to get a chance to post again before Christmas so if not I'd like to take the chance now to wish you all a...

Happy Christmas and New Year!!


  1. Best wishes for a holiday season as warm and cozy as your lovely socks!

  2. Those are great socks! Love the spiral.

  3. Yay on the last day of school this year! Terrific socks.

  4. Very happy Christmas to you too!! X

  5. They are fantastic! I think you should keep them as an extra special boxing day surprise! Happy Christmas! xx

  6. Great socks! I'm going to have to give that pattern a try out.

  7. That is a great pattern. I think the sock are green enough to say "Christmas" but subtle enough to wear all year round. Have a great holiday!

  8. I LOVE these socks! This pattern is very cool. What a great gift.


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