Friday, 5 December 2014

Woolly Headed

I've just remembered that I told you about the Umberto I'm knitting for my son but never got round to showing you a picture of it! So before I lose any more knitting-blogger-points I thought I'd show you this :-)


The cable took me a couple of rounds to get right due to not reading the instructions properly. It's all sorted now though :-) I like the moss stitch in the centre of the diamonds and the purl stitches on the edges, lovely textures (although they'll benefit from a bit of blocking)

I've not really been working on it much lately though because I've been trying to get Mr Soaring Sheep's socks finished. Last night I realised I'd made a mistake...


No, there isn't really anything wrong with the knitting, just my counting! I usually knit 60 rows for the leg and then 20 rows on the cuff. Some how when I knitted the first sock I only managed 50 rows on the leg :-S I'm not going to bother ripping back and reknitting it so he'll just have to put up with slightly shorter socks than usual. Whoops!

At least it means I'm almost ready to do the cuffs. Nearly there :-D


  1. Both are coming along nicely...I always manage to make one sock slightly shorter....

  2. I don't think my husband would know one was slightly shorter....I might have to test him. Love the cables in the hat!

  3. Bold colors. What personalities these two must have. These WIPs look great.

  4. I like those socks. The Umberto is looking great too.

  5. It will work out with the shorter cuffs too. They might be summer socks. Regula


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