Thursday, 18 December 2014

Iced Gem Socks WIP

Oh I am so in love with this yarn. It's one of the ones I posted about yesterday. I couldn't resist getting it on the needles and look how beautifully it's knitting up :)



Is it just me who finds themselves knitting faster with self striping yarn? I'm always so keen to get to the next colour stripe lol.

I was out in the garden this morning to get some photos of Mr Soaring Sheep's Christmas socks which are now finished, blocked and hidden away ready for wrapping. I'll show you the photos tomorrow but thought I'd share some of my girl cat Rosie.


This is how she was sat on the grass. She didn't look very happy to be there but no one was forcing her outside lol. You can see all the bird seed mess the starlings have thoughtfully left on the ground. Maybe she thought one of them would fly down into her paws?


I caught her mid-miaow in this picture. She chirrups a lot when you speak to her. Our boy cat has a deep miaow and growls constantly while he's eating but she is higher and more inquisitive sounding


One last out of focus shot and she was off. Back inside to spend the day curled up on my son's top bunkbed and sleep. Sounds rather tempting actually!


  1. Lovely post! My new yes resolution is to treat myself to more lovely sock yarn!!! Love your puddy tat! She looks like my Gus! Wouldn't be without them! X

  2. I agree. Stripes are very motivating!

  3. I'm not surpassed at that brought and fun colorway. It's so you!

  4. I do love striping yarn and the anticipation of the next color!

  5. The yanr it's absolutely fantastic, I love the colour combination!

    Lluisa xx


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