Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Yarn Along

I haven't showed you my scrappy ripple blanket for a while so thought I'd share a couple of up-to-date photos. I didn't work on it much over the Summer but now it's getting colder I'm enjoying hooking away with it spread over my lap :-)


I think I'm over halfway now, it's a nice simple project to work on and I like the way the colours interlock with this technique


I've got a few ends to deal with but as I've been crocheting over them as I go along it shouldn't take much time. The scrappy cardigan I've made though is another matter :-S


Yeesh that's going to take me a while! Aside from sewing in the ends it just needs 3 buttons sewing on (Mr Soaring Sheep's job) and some button loops making. I'm hoping to get it done by the weekend so I can give it a wash and block and take some photos.

Right now though I'd rather be working on my ripple :-) Have a good day everyone and hop over to Yarn Along for more projects.


  1. love your blanket and the colors! So beautiful. I've gone through lots of scraps for my scrap blanket and it's a nice feeling cleaning out the stash.

  2. Oh how beautiful !!! the design is must have so much fun working on it.

  3. Both projects are gorgeous! The scrappy cardigan looks beautiful and so is your blanket in the making. Love all the colours!!! ��

  4. For cool blanket, perfect for winter!!!

  5. your ripple is looking fantastic!

  6. Your blanket is eye candy. Can't help but smile. I envy your patience in getting that done in that size. All those ends to weave in! They're like little worms that wove themselves together for their forest queen.

  7. I need to pull out my cable wrap project, long languishing one, and use it to keep me warm as I knit!! Love your projects.


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