Monday, 24 November 2014

A new project

Over the weekend I sewed in all the ends for the Scrappy cardigan I've been making. I had the most perfect buttons for it which Mr Soaring Sheep kindly sewed on for me and it's been washed, blocked and photographed ready to share with you on Wednesday :-)


My big boy has grown again since last Winter so is in need of some new jumpers. Despite adding extra length last time it just wasn't enough. When he was off school with his poorly finger (all healed now) he picked out the yarn he wanted me to use


It's Rowan Pure wool in the DK weight. I love working with this yarn and it washes and wears well. Plus it comes in a lovely range of colours :-) This particular colour is called "Damson".


For the first time ever I've not just knitted a swatch, I've actually washed it :-o The pattern I'm going to be using, Umberto is knitted from the bottom up and in order for the cable design to finish in the right place you need to know exactly what your gauge is. I'm making the 6 years size but with the 7 years length, the pattern explains clearly how you work out where to start on the cable chart.

I've already cast on but I'll show you photos of how it's knitting up later. Have a good week everyone :-)


  1. Nice pattern and yeah for great instructions! The color is just gorgeous, reminds me of a capelet I knit awhile back. Must remember to wear that one more often.

    1. It's lovely, he has good taste lol. Plus purple is my favourite colour so I'm enjoying knitting with it

  2. How lovely your son appreciates Mama's jumpers. That is a wonderful color. You go on the proper swatching.

    1. Hehe we don't tend to buy jumpers for the children so it's mama-knits or being cold :-p

      I feel like I should have a badge saying "I swatch PROPERLY!"


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