Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Yarn Along

I've got a little work done on my Neverland Wendy cardigan this week. Not as much as I'd like because of my "knitters elbows" but at least the first sleeve is finished.


The barber pole striping technique I've been using has one drawback, tension issues :-S



You can see quite clearly along the underarm of the sleeve where I've been changing from one yarn to the next. It should block out a bit but I did make sure I'd placed it deliberately in an area where it won't be seen as much. Has anyone used this technique before and found a way to avoid this happening?

We had to go shopping on Monday to get some costumes for two of my children (thank you School...) and whilst we were there I saw this cute cake stand. Luckily Mr Soaring Sheep liked it too so it came home with us. At last our Christmas cake will no longer be served on an upside down plastic lid!


I'm not feeling particularly Christmassy at the moment, thank goodness, but I do enjoy wandering round shops and looking at their decorations. Not from the end of August though despite what some shops think ;-)

Have a good week everyone :-)


  1. Love that yarn - gorgeous colours! And I agree about the shops and Christmas - think it spoils it when they have tinsel in the shops from September on!

  2. Love the cake stand! Your joining issue should disappear when you block. I made a children's snake toy a few years ago using a different colour every row and I had the same problem. With a good wash and block it disappeared! xxx

  3. Your Neverland Wendy is so much fun. I think you have done a great job. What a happy knit!!

  4. That yarn is just gorgeous! I agree about Christmas being out in stores too early! But I did breakdown yesterday and buy a new Christmas tree. There was a great sale going on that I just couldn't past up. I did stroll through the store and look at all the cute decorations, but I'm nowhere near ready to start pulling out all the decorations just yet. Hope your "knitter's elbow" clears up soon. :))

  5. I love the colors in that cardi. It looks very happy :-) I am definitely into the Christmas stuff right now...I think because I have a new little one and I know that with 3 babes at home the season is going to go so quickly, so I better suck up as much of it as I possibly can!

  6. I can't avoid plates and dishes and bowls and jars, and, and, ALL THE THINGS!!! LOL. The sweater is just adorable!

  7. Very cheery colors! I bet the tension issues will correct when you block it.

  8. Hopefully a good blocking will hide it, but good thinking on placing the join on the underside of the arm :)

  9. All those stripes in the cardigan make me very happy!! So much happy color. I love your plate. Cant even think about it right now! Have a lovely week!

  10. I hope that your knitters elbow is better soon! xx

  11. That is a cute plate. We have a Christmas one to leave cookies for Santa along with a glass of milk. Sorry to read you've got elbow pain. Get well soon. The keiki garment is coming along wonderfully.

  12. I have never heard of that method of joining. I think you've got it placed just right. After blocking, it will be fine.


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