Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Keep Calm Craft On

Firstly I'd like to say thank you for the lovely comments on my spotty cushion that I posted photos of on Friday, I'm so pleased with it :-)

Yesterday was a bank holiday in the UK so we had an indulgent 3 day weekend. We went for a 10 mile cycle ride on Saturday along the Brampton Valley Way which is described as a linear country park and runs along the route of an old railway line


For part of the route it runs alongside a tourist steam and diesel railway. We did hope we could try racing against a steam train but our timings didn't work out right and it was either in the station or heading the opposite direction when we went past



We had a fairly lazy day on Sunday with a bit of painting. It's not finished yet so I won't post any photos today. On Monday we went to the beautiful Belton House for a walk and a picnic with my in-laws





The bluebells were out and they were absolutely beautiful




Such a wonderful day :-)

Now it's Tuesday, the children are back at school and pre-school, the weather is grey with the occasional rain shower and it's a bit of a jolt back to normality. I'm going to get on with some ironing and then have some crafting time with a cup of tea. So this isn't a completely non-crafty post here's a picture of two of my current WIP's


I've got to knit to the next pink section of my stripy sock and then I need to start counting rows ready for doing the afterthought heel. My ripple blanket is getting steadily bigger, I'm enjoying picking out the colour combinations and watching them merge together :-)

Have a good week everyone, I'm linking this post in with Nicole's Keep Calm Craft On


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! We went for a family bike ride too it wasn't quite as sunny as yours definitely not shorts weather :( The bluebells are stunning.

    Your ripple blanket is looking great, hope that stash is shrinking ;)

  2. Oh it is lovely having that extra day to the weekend! I have to go back to work tonight!!

    Looks like you have had a lovely time with the little ones in the lovely weather, and looks like they did too!

    Love the lil' misses cardigan, its very pretty!!

  3. Went looking for a bluebell wood yesterday, but couldn't find many. I hope I haven't missed the boat. I love bluebells.

  4. Did you knit your daughter"s sweater? It is just gorgeous as is your ripple blanket...We don't have bluebells here so it's so nice seeing your pictures...Thanks! (visiting from KCCO)

  5. Love the richness in color of your current WIPs. What great spaces for the kids to run around in freedom..

  6. Your daughter's jacket is amazing!! And I love your wips - especially the striped socks. You can't go wrong with stripes, right??

  7. The blanket's colors are so amazing!

  8. That ripple blanket is coming along nicely! Really love the colors against one anither...beautiful.

  9. Looks like an absolutely lovely weekend, between steam trains and bluebells I think it looks like a perfect weekend


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