Monday, 19 May 2014

Inspiration Monday

Wow, what glorious weather we had in our part of the world this weekend. We had a day out with the in-laws on Saturday and I managed to get some photos of my finished MKAL to share with you later this week. Yesterday we had a lazy day at home and as well as casting on a new project (details to be revealed later) I had a chance to do some browsing on ravelry and start thinking about a future stash busting project.

I bought this Malabrigo lace almost a year ago and planned to make a Spirited cardigan with it. I've changed my mind a bit though and fancied something more fitted


I've been enjoying playing around with the option to search through patterns that people have used a specific yarn for and I've short listed 3 designs I would like to knit with my yarn

Laika is a design by Ysolda Teague (photo taken from her flickr page) and knitted top down with this gorgeous lace pattern. I think this one is my favourite, I like the thicker button bands made with the yarn held doubled but not sure about the hood. A couple of people have done a shawl collar though which looks wonderful so very tempted to go down that route


Rocio by Joji Locatelli is another one I like. Can't link to the designer's picture so hop onto the ravelry page to see it. It's a simple looking cardigan from the front but then has an interesting lace design with bobbles or nupps. Not sure if there is actually a difference in how they are constructed as I've never done them! Could be nice way to learn how.

Lastly is Laar by Gudrun Johnston, again no photo for this one so you'll have to look on the ravelry page. It's another cardigan with lace and delicate picot edging. The bottom up construction put me off this one a little, I'm a top down kinda girl when it comes to sweaters lol. It is lovely though and it's good to work outside your comfort zone occasionally I guess!

Have you played around on this function on ravelry? I guess it would work best if you're searching for ideas for a more well known brand rather than something by an indi-dyer but I guess you could get lucky. Anyone knitted any of these three patterns? Which one would you chose to knit?

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