Friday, 16 May 2014

FO Stripey Birthday Socks!

I've been "Cold Sheep-ing" (not buying yarn) for over 7 months now but as a surprise for my birthday last month my husband bought me some gorgeous self striping sock yarn from Laughing Yaffle. Naturally I had to cast it on ASAP and look at these beauties I ended up with


I managed to match up the stripes almost perfectly. I had to break the yarn in the second pair near the start to make sure but I don't think I did too badly


I tried an afterthought heel for these which I blogged about here. It fits quite well although I'm not too happy about the holes. Not bothered enough about them to sew them up though *lazy*


I wish I'd made them a bit longer but I was worried about running out of yarn for the heel. Maybe next time I could use a contrast yarn for the toe and heel and have really long striped socks :-D I'd do them top down though so I could make sure the heel started in the middle of the stripe rather than slightly further one side. Not a problem really though.


I loved every stitch of making them, my favourite colours, stripes and a simple pattern, perfect.

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Have a good weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine if you get some :-)


  1. Love them, such happy colours!

  2. Great socks - how clever that the stripes matched like that.
    'cold sheep-ing' thats very funny, I've never hear it before.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, 7 months without buying yarn, I would die ;-). The sock yarn was a wonderful gift from your husband, belated congratulations! The socks are super, great colors and perfect stripes :-). Happy weekend!

  4. They look awesome! I am impressed that you have been able to go that long without buying yarn. Good for you! I get holes in my afterthought heels sometimes too. I want to attempt the fishlips kiss heel but I haven't had the patience to learn it yet.

  5. What a bright and cheery pair! Looks like they are almost identical too.

  6. Splendid pair of socks. Your hubb chose the colorway well as it totally suits you.

  7. I'm a sucker for stripes and socks! I always freak out when trying a new heal. I'm still trying to find my favorite one.

  8. Great matching of those stripes. I love the bright colours and they look so cosy.

  9. Cute and happy socks!

    I was thinking "wow the stripes matched perfectly" then I read the line that says "almost perfectly." Nice Job. :-)

  10. those are really nice socks I like the colors you chose to put together. Great work!


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