Friday, 2 May 2014

FO Friday - Spotty cushion

This cushion was a project I've been wanting to make for a while. It's not particularly original, there are probably a 101 other versions in the blogosphere but here is mine :)


I used this free pattern to make the squares and then slip stitches them together. The colours were chosen to tie in with other crochet projects in my lounge and because they were a sort of rainbow together.

For the back I used Little Tin Bird's Elmer Squares pattern and alternated between cream and one of the colours. I would modify the pattern slightly if I was to make anything bigger than this cushion as it does swirl a little. As it's for the back of cushion though I figured it didn't really matter very much


To join the two sides together I took inspiration from another blogger (and I forgot to make a note of who it was) and used the double crochet stitch to join. This gives a raised edge which looks a bit like piping and finishes the cushion rather nicely I think



Now the cushion lives happily on my sofa and looks rather at home I think :-)


The flower cushion on the left was blogged about here and the Zigzag one was here. The blanket was a stash busting project that was originally intended to go on my daughter's bed but it seems to have stayed down here instead!


Speaking of stash-busting, look how much progress I've made on my scrappy ripple blanket. I'm using the interlocking pattern so the colours merge nicely together. Lots of fun :-)

Linking this post in with FO Friday, Creative Friday and Fiber Arts Friday. It's a 3 day weekend in the UK so I'm hoping to get out for some walks, cycling and picnics. I might even squeeze in some crafting time too! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I love your cushion, and I LOVE your couch of gorgeous yarny warmness - I am definitely planning some cushions and throws for my new couch!

  2. Your pillows are wonderful! I am envious as I have no sofa pillows due to a chewing habit of our black lab's. That scrappy ripple blanket is looking great; can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. What a warm and welcoming collection you're creating. Love how each piece is different yet they all complement each other so well.

  4. This is such a beautiful couch with all the pillows and a throw. I'm slowly working on mine - I got one owl pillow done. So much more to go :)

  5. beautiful! You have a talent with pairing colors together, so lovely :)

  6. Quite striking, love your cushion, I like all your cushions actually!

  7. Your cushion turned out beautiful! Love all the bright colors you have in your lounge. :))

  8. What lovely splashes of colour to cheer up your home!

  9. Your sofa looks amazing! So many happy colors. The pillow turned out great!

  10. What a great addition to your stash of hooked projects. They really pop against the black leather.

  11. I love it ! And it goes perfectly with your others. Only one more bright one to make so you can get rid of the cream monstrosity :D

  12. Granny squares have never looked so cool. Well done! and how great does your flower look! :)

  13. What a fantastic cushion!! ♥ Goes very well with the other beauties :-). Great progress on your ripple blanket, super colors! Many thanks for your nice comment on my granny blanket and have a wonderful weekend!! Nata

  14. Very cheerful sofa you have there. :-)


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