Friday, 8 March 2013

FO Friday Valentine's shawl

 Some of you might remember that I've been joining in with the BooKnits MKAL on Ravelry. Well the KAL has now finished and the pattern has been released. I finished my shawl on Monday but have been waiting until now to show it off :-)


I'm so pleased with it, the colour, the beads, the pattern especially is beautiful


It's slightly less blocked looking in this photo as I've been wearing it every day since it dried lol


It was a bit different from the other Booknits shawls as it's all lace rather than having a garter or stockinette section. It was very straight forward to knit although there were a couple of new decreases I had to learn for working the purl-side rows. Worth it though :-)


The only row I had problems with was the last lace row but that was because I didn't realise I was supposed to be removing the stitch markers and stealing a stitch from the next repeat for a decrease. I just assumed I'd made a mistake somewhere. I need to have more faith in my lace knitting skills lol.

There will definitely be more Boo shawls in my future, they're so pretty and the patterns are so well written. I'd definitely recommend them for someone new to lace knitting to try.

Anyways, enough rabbiting on from me. For more FO's check out Tami's Amis, and thanks for dropping by :-)


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