Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mojo kickstart

Been feeling a bit blah lately. I've finished the dress/tunic for my eldest but still haven't blocked it or sewn on the flower decorations I made. She's been wearing it loads though so that's always good. I'm disappointed with it though. I'll try to get it finished off for Friday.

The yarn I ordered to complete my scrappy blanket never arrived. Turns out the shop owner had "forgotten" about my phone call and her promise to ship the yarn to me that day. Two weeks later I asked for a full refund which was paid within the hour. I then ordered the yarn from Deramores so should receive it tomorrow or Thursday :-)

My current WIP I'll share photos of tomorrow but it's another of Elena Nodel's cardigan designs and I'm making it for me. It's knitted using 4-ply yarn so might take me a while!

Today I fancied a little bit of silly-ness so after being reminded by a post on Attic24 about this pattern from blogger Bunny Mummy's blog I decided to have a go at making my own owl :-)


Meet Geraldine :-)

She's took me barely two hours of on-off work most of which was taken up with sewing and weaving in ends. I've given her to Mr Soaring Sheep to take to work to brighten up his desk :-) I have a feeling I'll have to make a few more though as two of my children have already started picking out which colours they want for theirs! At least it will keep me busy over the Easter holidays if the weather doesn't improve and we're still stuck indoors...


  1. Sorry your mojo meter has been on low. Well look at what you've been going through lately. Sorry you're not 100% about the dress, but yea! That your daughter has been wearing it happily. How could a yarn store forget? Hello, cha-Ching! Smart of you to get a refund and then order from a trusty place.

  2. Thanks hun :-) I don't know how they forgot either. They sent the wrong yarn in the first place, didn't respond to my email so I phoned them up. They assured me it would be posted that day but two weeks later I'd had nothing. Poor customer service!

  3. Great owl! 2 hours worth sounds like the kind of project I should be focusing on...


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