Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hi guys, sorry for just disappearing off like that. I've been feeling a bit demotivated about blogging a the moment. I have my reasons but I'm not going to bother giving the person the attention they are craving... So anyways, I'm back for now and I will be sharing some photos of my work as I enjoy blogging and chatting with other crafters :-)

When I last posted I was still working on a dress for my eldest daughter. It's obviously finished by now and I'm rather pleased with it :-)


I think she is too!




I used the Milo vest pattern and just extended it with lots of increases for a full skirt and then did an eyelet row at the bottom before an inch of garter stitch just to make it a little girlier :-)

After I'd finished I fancied doing a crochet project so started work on a Blooming Flower cushion by the very popular Lucy of Attic24. I used the yarns left over from my Christmas granny tree skirt so it's very bright! I'm very pleased with it although there are a couple of things I'd do differently if I remade it. Mainly learning to count ;-) I'll show off some photos at a later date.

My current WIP is my scrappy granny square blanket. I've not made enough squares yet but I've started joining them together anyway. Mostly because it's been a bit cold round here and I wanted something warm on my lap lol. I'm using the "join as you go" method of slip stitching into the ch1 spaces in the neighbouring squares. It's more time consuming doing the border and joining them together than it would be to just slip stitch the squares together but I think it ties all the colours together nicely so I'm sticking with it :-)



Tomorrow I'm going to be joining in with the Boo Knits mystery Valentines shawl KAL. I've got a gorgeous red yarn and some purpley beads to use so I'll post photos of them tomorrow :-)

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  1. Your dress is gorgeous, as is your happy wee girl! Beautiful.

    1. Thank you :-) I'm really pleased with it :-)

  2. Love the photos of your daughter in her new dress, she clearly loves it!! And great looking progress on the grannies-- I totally understand wanting to have something warm on your lap as you work!

    1. Thank you :-) Blankets are great aren't they, I think they're my favourite thing to crochet

  3. The dress and your daughter look great! :-)

  4. Your daughter looks lovely and so pleased with her beautiful dress. The blanket is looking fab too.

  5. I like the light and dark contrast of the yarns. Yur daughter's dress is fantastic! You did an exceptional job. I'm sorry you had unnecessary drama to deal with.


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