Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wrist Warmers Swap

I mentioned a little while ago about taking part in a wrist warmers swap. I'm still knitting my first one although only about an inch left to go! They are using fingering weight yarn too so it's not that I've been completely bone idle ;-)

However, my Swappee has been very busy and this morning I received a gorgeous pair of wrist warmers


Such a beautiful colour and I love the cable! The picot edging round the fingers really finishes it off too :-)

This wasn't all I received from my Swappee, I also got a beautiful handmade card...


 AND some owl buttons! Aren't they cute?


I have no idea what these buttons are going to go on but it's definitely going to have to be a special project.

Thank you so much Swappee!!!


  1. What a great swap gift! Each item is terrific.

  2. Love that colour, they look great!


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