Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Feel so bad for neglecting my blog lately. It's been killing my knitting mojo actually because I couldn't show you what I was up to. So, where am I craft-wise?

The fingerless gloves are finished apart from a couple of ends to weave in and blocking, going to do that this afternoon/evening.

The MKAL jumper is close to completion, I'm halfway down the first sleeve and really pleased with how it looks. Loving it :-)

My scrappy granny squares blanket has gained 3 squares but I've put them somewhere and can't remember where! Might show them off on Friday if I can locate them!

I've started another project, it's crocheted, it's in some extremely bright colours and it's for Christmas...


Can you tell what it is yet? What if I zoom out a bit?


It's a granny square Christmas tree skirt :-D Although I've not yet done the squares which will go round the edge. And they're not actually squares, more kind of wedge shaped. Ahem!

Here's the pattern I'm using: Granny Tree Skirt although I came up with my own combination of garish colours. We don't have a tasteful, perfectly co-ordinated designer tree in our house at Christmas. We refer to our tree as a "tarty tree" and this tree skirt is going to go just perfectly :-D So excited by it!

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll be back to blogging regularly again now. For more WIP Wednesday posts please check out Tami's Amis


  1. Your Christmas tree skirt is certain to dress -up any tree it adorns!

    1. Oh yes, it will definitely be dressed up. None of the other trees will want to talk to it though ;-)

  2. Oh boy does my tree need a tree skirt! I can't sew and I know I Pinned a pattern some time ago. I should work on one and maybe I'll have it done by the 24th when the ohana comes over.
    Yours is poppin' fun and will match your colorful, twinklin' lights.

    1. I'm hoping it will stop the kids playing with the cables from the lights lol!

      Thank you :)


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