Thursday, 15 November 2012


I'm finding it so frustrating not being able to show you pictures of the things I'm working on. I almost considered casting on a third project but I really need to get these two finished so I'll have to wait *sigh*. I'm behind on the MKAL at the moment but it shouldn't take me too long to catch up. I want to do the slightly more complicated option than just stockinette so that will probably slow me down again lol. It will make my son happy though :-)

My fingerless mittens are getting there. I'm doing the increases for the thumb now and think I have around 6 rounds to go before I put those stitches on hold and do the last little bit to the fingers. I'm really pleased with how they're looking, I hope my swappee likes them too!

Today I'm going to leave you with a couple of photos of the newest member of our household. Sherlock is a syrian hamster and although it's only been 13 days since we brought him home he's very much a part of our routine lol. In the mornings the children come downstairs into the lounge to watch tv and to see what he's been up to overnight. After school they construct lego mazes and puzzles for him and then before they go to bed they take it in turns to give him some tasty treats and a quick cuddle :-)



Hopefully I'll be back soon with something knitted/crocheted to show you!

E x


  1. I don't believe I've seen that kind of hamster. Is he kid-friendly? My class has had some that bite; dwarf hamsters are mostly know for that I believe.
    I understand your frustration. CO a project that you can show pics of, LOL.

  2. Sherlock is so cute! We can't have hamsters as my fiance is horrendously allergic to them. Glad the kids are staying interested and involved, and not leaving all the hard work to you!


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