Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WIP Wednesday

Bit of a late post today, didn't get round to scheduling one yesterday and with now running a Toddler group Wednesday mornings things are rather busy! Anyways, here is what I've been up to :-)

First a few more granny squares. Can you spot the teeny toes belonging to my "helper"?


Still need to weave in the ends, I''m going to do them in batches and 10 squares feels like a good amount for a batch. Oh but there are only 9 unfinished squares up there? Well here's number 10 :-)


The colours feel a bit Christmassy to me. Or is that just wishful thinking? I've got 48 squares now, still aiming for 84 but will see how it looks once I start joining them together.

I'm still working on my Bloom dress, halfway through the last lace repeat now and then it's just the border to go.


I finished my Modern Pixie sweater yesterday but it's not been blocked yet so you'll have to wait a while for photos. I'm pleased with how it came out and it was such a fun fast knit. Mainly because it doesn't really have any sleeves!

Sam at Pretty Mades and I had been chatting about the Owls sweater that we were both planning on knitting soon and we're now doing a kind of informal KAL. Sam has chosen a beautiful yellow colour for her version, it's going to look really yummy. I've chosen to be a bit boring in comparison and I'm using some grey yarn. Spot the toes again :-p


I'm a little concerned it's not going to fit right. I much prefer knitting top down so I can try it on as I go, especially as I have a long torso. Still at least with it being in bulky yarn it will be a quick knit :-) I am going to be playing a bit of yardage chicken possibly as I misunderstood the measurements given for sizes and though it was by chest measurement rather than by bust. My boobs aren't that big though so only gone up one size! If it doesn't fit then I'll either sell it or frog it and buy another ball of yarn. It will be fun to knit whatever happens.

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  1. I really like how you have a variety of WIPs. The dress is cute in that colorway and will be lovely on your little one. That's a nice grey for the owl sweater.
    Cute to see tiny toes. They're always around picture time.

    1. I don't normally have this many! I think I got distracted by the new project rather than finishing the old one first!

  2. So many great WIPs! You're so productive!

    I just posted a free vet pattern for little ones, if you might b interested

  3. I can't wait to see all your grannies put together!!

  4. That bloom dress is going to be completely adorable!

  5. Cute toes! Bet they were super helpful!

    1. Oh yes, especially with positioning things neatly for photos. I had the squares beautifully arranged and then the cheeky monkey decided to start thowing them around lol


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