Monday, 8 October 2012

Moaning Monday

Feeling a bit put out at the moment. I seem to have injured my left wrist (I'm left handed). Not sure how I did it but it started hurting last weekend and continued aching through the following week if I knitted or crocheted for too long. This weekend just gone I tried resting it but it hasn't really got any better so I'm on a bit of a self imposed crafting ban for now :-(

Sitting down without some yarn and needles feels very lazy and un-productive :-(

I have a few granny squares to show off today that I'm particularly pleased with and I've finished the Saffron cardigan so will try to show that off on Friday.

First square was "designed" by my eldest. She spotted the purple yarn for her cardigan in my scrap stash and after declaring how much she liked it (which is good as she's getting a cardigan made with it!) she came up with this combination:


I decided to play around with ombres a bit. First a purple square...


And then a blue :-)


I'm up to 40 squares now although progress has obviously stopped for a bit. Fingers crossed my wrist starts co-operating again soon!


  1. Grannies are great in-between projects-- even if you can only do one or two, its still progress!

  2. I am so sorry to hear you have hurt your wrist! Please take care! That is one of the worst injuries a knitter/crocheter can have. But your granny squares are very pretty! You are getting closer!

  3. Oh no!! sorry to hear of your injury, I totally understand about feeling unproductive, but rest it you must! hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. me too. Been going on for 2 weeks now :-( Time to make a doctors appointment I think :-(

  4. I hope your wrist gets better. Mine hurts sometimes if I do a lot of knitting or crocheting :(
    I'm loving your squares. I have made a few ombre ones for my blanket and I think they look fab...I'm thinking about making a whole blanket using some...when I have finished this one ;)

    1. Thank you :-) It's almost better now so I'm back knitting again, although taking it easy too. The doctor said I have "cubital fossa syndrome" which basically means I hurt the nerve you hit when you bash your funny bone. Keeping my arm straight helps :-)


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