Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Monday

So I've been a bit absent lately, mainly due to my wrist being sore. I ended up going to the doctor who said I'd hurt a nerve in my elbow (the one you hurt when you bash your "funny bone") and that I needed to keep it as straight as possible and to rest it, which I've been doing. It's got a lot better although I find that if I knit or crochet too long it starts to ache so I'm only doing it in short bursts. As a result I don't really have much to show you at the moment. I've done another 10 squares for my granny square blanket but need to weave in the ends so I'll take photos of those later. I've also started a new project:


This photo was taken on Friday and I've made quite a lot of progress since then. It's going to be a Modern Pixie Sweater, another gorgeous pattern by Elena Nodel and such a quick knit. The large needles, thick yarn and lots of stockinette means it's just perfect for some mindless knitting. Fab :-)

The yarn photo I posted yesterday is destined to be another Elena Nodel pattern. In November she is running another mystery KAL and this time I'm going to be knitting for my 5 year old son. He even helped dye the yarn with me using food colouring and a slow cooker, great fun! I find hanging it up in the shower to dry works best at the moment as any drips don't matter and it's out of reach of naughty little hands ;-)

The other big thing going on in my life at the moment is that I've inherited a toddler group! Basically the former leader had had enough and I was the only person who wanted to take it over. She asked me at the start of the meeting if I wanted it and at the end she announced it was her last day. For her own reasons, which I''m not going to go into because I would find it hard to be diplomatic, she has decided not to do a proper handover so I've been thrown in the deep end a little! I'm finding my feet though and feeling very positive about getting more people involved in the group and improving it's reputation so we attract lots of new mums. I enjoy being creative, organising and being in charge so this should be just perfect lol!!

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  1. Aren't you adventurous taking over a toddler group :O)? Do what you feel is comfortable and works. I'm sure it'll be a blast and a success!
    I loved reading how your lil' one helped you dye that yarn. How fun that must've been for him and you. I want to do that w/my girls.
    I love that girls sweater pattern.


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