Sunday, 4 January 2009

What to knit...

I've finished another pair of longies


I need to take a better photo of them though, the light is rubbish here in winter :-( They're in a colourway called "Caterpillar's Dream" by Mamalonglegs on organic merino. Soo soft and squidgy.

Haven't finished sewing in the ends of the baby jacket yet. I'll probably do it this evening if I'm not too tired.

I've finally ordered some Knit picks interchangeable needles. I went for the nickel plated set rather than the wooden, I can't really get on with wooden needles, apart from DPN's. Whilst I was buying the needles some skeins of cascade 220 (for a cardigan for my nearly 3 year old daughter) and some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran (for a jumper for Bump) also slipped into my basket. Whoops!

I think the problem is because I've sorted out the chest of drawers in my bedroom and now I've got a big empty space that needs filling with yarn. I'll probably put some yarns that DP already knows about in there and hide the new ones in the bottom of my blanket box which is where the majority of my stash currently resides.

Yeah I'm devious, I blame my Dad and his extensive CD collection that he sneakily added to throughout the years. Hoarding is genetic :-p

Going to make something for me now I think. Will have a look on ravelry and see what inspires. Preferably something that doesn't require a lot of concentration and uses up yarn I've already got...

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