Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

We didn't stay up to see the New Year in but have had a lovely day meeting up with a lady I've known through the internet for about 3 years now. We had a walk along the beach whilst our collective children (4 under threes!) splashed, stomped, giggled, cried and enjoyed themselves.

We also went sofa shopping in the morning and have found one that really appeals. With hindsight, sofa shopping at 7 months pregnant wasn't the smartest of moves! Some of the sofas were very soft and once I'd sunk into one it was difficult to get out again.

DP and FIL have cooked a paella for tea which smells delicious. I've got two WIP's that only need about an hour spent on each but I haven't got round to spending that long on them. Hopefully I'll have got them done to show off photos by the end of the weekend.

Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and New Year :-) Here's to a year of creative crafting!

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  1. Happy New Year!! Sounds like you have an active household.


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